Masters Course: EDUC 532 - Fostering Resilience and Building Assets in Our At-Risk Students (Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness Endorsement course)

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  • Tuition of $1,500.00 will be paid on Neumann's website via MyNU E-bill. If you are a current Masters degree student, click here to register.
  • Dates: October 21 - December 15, 2019 In class meeting dates- 10/27, 11/10, 11/24, 12/8
  • Professors: Scott Heydt and Jessie McFarland
  • Location: Delaware County Intermediate Unit, Morton, PA

This course is designed to move our students from risk to resiliency by identifying and fostering the developmental competencies needed for students to succeed. The course hinges on the belief that resilience is not something you do, but something you are and can become. To that end, the course is designed to guide educators through a paradigm shift away from the Deficit Model toward the Strengths/Asset Model. The attributes seen in resilient students will be identified and specific strategies for fostering these traits in all students will be taught. Drawing on research from Nan Henderson, Mike Milstein, Robert Brooks, and Bonnie Benard , we will generate specific and tangible ways to foster resilience in our students by identifying and strengthening their islands of competence, guiding them through rewriting negative scripts, employing real-time resilience strategies, evaluating iceberg beliefs, and identifying the intelligences needed to achieve high-level resiliency. Further, educators who take the course will immerse themselves in the research regarding the most effective ways to develop the resilient mindset, foster resilience in students, educators, and schools, the difference between constructed and discovered personalities, the necessity of sustaining biphasic traits, the role empathy plays in high-level resiliency, and the central tenets of positive psychology. Ultimately, educators will emerge with a wealth of current and applicable resiliency-building and sustaining activities that will foster a culture of resilience in their classrooms and schools.