Graduate Course: EDU 526 - The Hero’s Journey: Identifying and Living Your Heroic Story (Online)

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  • Price: $800.00
  • Dates: September 20 - November 14, 2021
  • Professors: Scott Heydt
  • Location: Online- Canvas online platform

There is a potential hero/heroine in us all. Our heroic journeys take us through life’s most transformational moments. Whether facing our teenage years or facing retirement. Whether facing graduation or facing a cancer diagnosis. Throughout life, we are called to adventure, wittingly or unwittingly, suffer through challenges, and hopefully emerge with wisdom and strengthened character.

This course utilizes Joseph Campbell’s 17-stage monomyth structure, made famous in his book The Hero with 1,000 Faces. Participants will analyze ancient myth, classic literature and contemporary children’s literature, compose personal and professional reflections, analyze photographs and movie clips, and participate in problem solving initiatives, each tied to an individual monomyth stage. Throughout, participants will explicitly discuss use of monomyth to meet Language Arts, Social Studies, Health & Wellness, and Social Emotional standards.