Master's Degree: Curriculum

Graduate students must complete 36 credits from the following courses. Selection of appropriate courses occurs in consultation with the graduate student advisor.

Required Courses

Course #
Course Title
EDUC 500 Philosophical Foundations for Instructional Leadership 3
EDUC 505 Culturally Responsive Teaching 3
EDUC 506 School Policy and Law 3
EDUC 510 Action Research Design and Methods 3
EDUC 520 Curriculum Design and Methods 3
EDUC 524 Building a Classroom Community 3

Elective Courses

Course #
Course Title
EDUC 512 Wellness: Research, Practices and Policies for Teachers and Students 3
EDUC 518 Transformational Education: Effectiveness to Greatness 3
EDUC 527 The Reality of Bullying and Hazing in Schools: Awareness and Intervention Strategies 3
EDUC 531 Raising Rigor: Applying Close Reading Across the Curriculum in the Age of Common Core 3
EDUC 532 Fostering Resilience and Building Assets in Our At-Risk Students 3
EDUC 533 Neo-Cortex Development: Developing Higher Order Thinking Through Problem Solving, Creativity and Play 3
EDUC 534 Project Based Learning: Crafting the Menu and Discovering the Secret Ingredients Needed to Create a Successful Project Based Learning Classroom 3
EDUC 535 Effective Questioning: Applying Brain Research and Bloom’s Taxonomy (K-12) 3
EDUC 536 Courage to Teach: Integrity, Authenticity, and Vulnerability 3
EDUC 537 Increasing Student Engagement: “The Heart and Soul of a Successful Classroom” 3
EDUC 540 Inclusion 3
EDUC 550 Helping to Guide Students Through Loss and Life Transitions 3
EDUC 555 Experiential Education and Facilitation Skills 3
EDUC 564 Enhancing Brain Development in Children 3
EDUC 565 Differentiated Instruction with Understanding by Design 3
EDUC 574 Cultivating 21st Century Skills: Whole Brain Learning 3
EDUC 583 Character Education: Social Emotional Learning 3
EDUC 584 Multiple Intelligences: "Real Genius at Play" 3
EDUC 585 7 Habits of Effective Educators 3
EDUC 587 Closing the Achievement Gap 3