Professional Development Courses

Thom Stecher and Associates Inc.

Courses focused on empowering educators

Neumann University


Chester County Intermediate Unit

Our courses address the most pressing issues in education. Our talented professors work with school districts across the country and have created courses that draw from the strategies, research, and experience of talented educators.

These diverse courses focus on the integration and effective utilization of experiential, social and emotional learning. These courses will assist in the creation of school and classroom environments that foster individual success and communal achievement.

Educators’ time is precious. We offer:

  • 3 Neumann Graduate Credits
  • Interactive and engaging discussion and activities
  • Act 48 reporting through CCIU, 90 hours per class
  • Cost is only $800 per course

Our courses are uniquely designed to be practical with strategies and activities that can be implemented into your classroom or school. They will leave you energized with a fresh perspective and renewed sense of passion. Please check out our course descriptions and schedule.

We are honored to work with talented educators and we would love for you to join us!