Graduate Course: EDU 526 - Brain Rules: How the Brain Learns (Online)

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  • Price: $800.00
  • Dates: October 25 - December 12, 2021
  • Professors: Phil Hochman and Joe Brancoccio
  • Location: Online- Canvas online platform

This course is designed to familiarize participants with twelve brain rules necessary for healthy brain activity.  When implemented in course instruction, these rules create an environment that allows optimum learning potential.  Awareness of the rules will enhance students’ ability to comprehend complex concepts.  Participants will learn the research behind each of the twelve rules, and personally explore and reflect on each one.  Ultimately they will discover how to positively impact instruction in the classes they teach in the future.  John Medina, the author of Brain Rules, and several other brain researchers’ findings will be cited throughout the course through the use of power point, video, and the course workbook.  Activities will be implemented throughout the course to enhance comprehension of the subject matter, and provide examples of classroom methods that may be used in the participants’ own classrooms.