Masters Course: EDUC 535 - Effective Questioning: Applying Brain Research and Bloom’s Taxonomy (K-12)

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  • Tuition of $1,710.00 will be paid on Neumann's website via MyNU E-bill. If you are a current Masters degree student, click here to register.
  • Dates: Spring 2- March 6 - April 30, 2023, In-person meeting dates- 3/11, 3/25, 4/15, 4/23 - 8am to 4:30pm
  • Professors: Pam Gregg
  • Location: Franklin Commons, Phoenixville, PA

How can we engage students and get them to ask the right questions and think about their thinking? Teachers and their students need to be more in tune with the questions they ask themselves and others. When we get students to think about their thinking, they become more active learners. This activity-based course will allow teachers to delve deeper rather than broader in the curricula and will update teachers on several methods of effective questioning, incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy into the everyday curricula, and manage higher-level questioning with varying student abilities.